You’ve made all this fantastic content.
And your own teams don’t even know it exists. Fix that.

Your content could be working a lot harder for you, your sales teams and a whole bunch of other stakeholders. But only if they know about it.

ContentSift makes it easy to promote your awe-inspiring content to the people (inside and outside your company) who can help you amplify it.

It’s easy. It’s powerful. And it multiplies the value of your content. Over and over again.

Put all your content to work (and play).

Put it all in one place

Content pools and puddles are popping up all over your company – and hiding in your CMS and cloud storage services. Bring it all together where everyone can find it and use it. Tag the heck out of it. Share wildly. Watch it fly.

Amplify every piece

Encourage everyone in your company to discover and share your content. Make sure all sales and marketing teams (and regions) are plugged in. Make it easy. Squeeze your assets. Repeat.

Accelerate sales flows

Help your salespeople use content to power every opportunity. Re-engage with stalled prospects. Open up new conversations. Add value to the market. All that good stuff only content can do.

See what works

Track what content your people are picking up on. See what’s being shared and where. Figure out what’s working so you can do more of it. Share best practice across the team. Celebrate success.

Build your Centre of Content Excellence

Guide all content creation from the centre. Avoid duplication of efforts. Be the God of Content in your own universe, with planets and meteors and stuff.

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